Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Squatty Potty - Bamboo Version (Video Review)

Ever since I first heard of the Squatty Potty (admittedly, this was first on Howard Stern radio), I was curious. And while Howard Stern may be a lot of things, he is a health nut! My husband and I giggled, but never bit the bullet (or should I say Squatted!?!).

Well, at first I just couldn't justify it because I thought the original Squatty Potty was just too hideous. Finally, I came across the really nice Bamboo version. I've had it for a few weeks now and hubby and I have both used it. First, my hubby has IBS (so he goes, a lot...). Me on the other hand, I'm lucky if I go every few days. No matter how much water I drink or fruit I consume, it's the same. So we each hoped this would help our 'routines.'

I don't honestly think this think is a miracle worker and it won't suddenly whip your bowels into tip top shape, but it will help with elimination. We both agreed it didn't make you go unless you had to go (which saddened me a bit, albeit it was an unreasonable expectation). However, it did make 'to go' a little easier. Also, clean up (ahem) was also much easier. So maybe it's eco-friendly in more ways than one (bamboo + less paper needed!).

The looks of this are quite nice. It blends in well without looking like something that belongs in a hospital. It tucks under the toilet well so you can sit (or stand for guys) without it being in your way. Pull it out when you need it. I mention this in the video, but when assembling it, do NOT tighten all the bolts UNTIL you're finished. You will likely need to put torque at some points while tightening to make sure it doesn't wobble. Overall, I'm very happy with this!

If my #review convinced you to give it a try, you can buy it at Amazon or