Saturday, September 26, 2015

EquiptBaby Diaper Bag & Folding Bassinet

I have to say, this is a really unique concept for a baby bag and I love the compact portability of the bassinet. What mom doesn't need easy options to free her hands up, but a way to do so with just one hand?!?

I've tried to touch on the various aspects of this bag in my video review, but in short, it's really well thought out. The bucket bottom is hard to keep wet messes in or out, and will prevent the corners ripping like fabric ones do. It also has a feature that allows you to really see what's int he bag (it opens wide) - so no more feeling around for that paci!

I love the magnetic closures on the pockets, and think it's adorable. The colors make it gender neutral, which I like. The bassinet is an awesome idea. I've never seen something like this that folds up like this one does. However, I'm only giving this four stars out of 5 because it's extremely difficult to fold the bassinet back up! There is a video on their YouTube page (better than he one I saw on their site), that really helps. The link for that particular video is here.

You have to have the Velcro on your left thumb, and you fold the right side in and TWIST towards you. Then you have to put the end of the bassinet towards your body to get it to accordion closed. You MUST practice this when you're not in a hurry and when you have free hands. I"ll also note, the folding of the bassinet requires 2 hands. I'd like the closing of the bassinet to be much easier, but I am honestly very happy with this set. It's well made, soft and durable, very functional (very well thought out), and I love the idea of the portable bassinet. Highly recommended and a product I'm happy to #review!

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