Wednesday, December 30, 2015

How to Get Free Reviews on Amazon from a Top Amazon Reviewer - Free Reviews

About me: I'm a Top Reviewer on Amazon (in the top .01% of all Amazon Reviewers). 

If you have a unique product you would like me to beta or pilot test and are able to send me a sample for testing, please contact me.

Respectfully, I am not interested in ordering with any coupon codes or discounts. 

While there are other reviewers who will likely do this for you, I cannot. As of late 2016, this goes against Amazon's new review policy.

In keeping with Amazon's & the FTC's policies, I do NOT accept payment for reviews. Additionally, I can only provide honest and accurate reviews based on my experience with your product. I do however request the product be provided free of charge in exchange for the review. I have Prime so shipping should be covered by Amazon. By law & ethically speaking, I must disclose I received the product in exchange for my HONEST opinion. Any Top Reviewer will say/do the same.

All of my reviews are very detailed, and all include multiple photos or videos. I've included a list of items I mostly review, but it's not all inclusive.

Most Reviewed Items:

  • Electronics (TV, Video, Audio, Automotive, etc.)
    • I'm experienced as an "early adopter" and frequently test beta and pilot products & devices. 
    • I am not interested in testing apps or software.
  • Electronic Kitchen Appliances
  • Outdoor Items (grills, heaters, hammocks, hammock stands, swings, chairs, patio furniture, cornhole / games, speakers, fireplaces, fire pits, mosquito deterrents (kid & pet safe only), tables and dining sets, & gazebos / patio covers, etc.)
  • Smart Devices, Smart Home Electronics & Wearables (wearables, fitness trackers, wifi devices, smart home & smart security devices, baby monitors, etc.)
  • Baby, Kid & Children's Items (Toys, Apparel, Children's Furniture, Cribs, Rockers, Dressers, Toy Organizers, Growth & Educational Toys / Items)
  • Fitness Equipment & Gear (Golf, Yoga, Indoor Rowing, Weights, Cardio, Smart Fitness Items)
  • Outdoor, Patio/Lawn/Garden, Tailgating & Camping Gear
  • Dog Items - NO PET FOOD (dog beds, toys, organizers, pet ramps, pet stairs, outdoor cots, etc.) 
  • Tools & Household Appliances 
  • Furniture, Home Organization & Decor

NOTE- I Will NOT Review the Following:
  • Food & Beverage Products
  • Supplements & Vitamins
  • Books of any kind
  • Apps (mobile device applications), unless related to a technology product utilizing the app.
  • Software
  • Illegal items or anything not safe for families
  • Alcohol, tobacco or related items

If you've asked any of these questions, I might be able to help:
  1. How do I reach qualified product testers, web influencers, and top reviewers on
  2. How do I boost my (quality) product's credibility in eCommerce, improve my sales on, and get my product (honestly) reviewed on the world's #1 trusted review & shopping site online?
  3. How do I promote & market my product for free?
  4. How do I sell more on Amazon and other websites?
If you have a truly unique product with a sample available for hands-on-testing and would like an honest, thoughtful & helpful review to promote your product online, I might be able to help. If you have a product that you need help promoting on Amazon, contact me by email: Reviewed By Heather {[at]} gmail {[dot]} com (no spaces of course.) 

To prevent 'trolling,' I'm not including a link to my Amazon page here, but if you contact me I'll be happy to provide it. I am a top  I typically respond to messages within one week, and reviews are always provided within 30 days of receipt (typically within 2 weeks.) Thanks, I hope to work together. 

Camping Is Easy's UnRipable Hammock with Tree Straps (promo code)

Thanks to the folks at, our outdoor adventures are about to get a whole lot more comfortable and relaxing. They're offering my readers a 20% discount on their Amazon page using promo code, which can be received by signing up for emails on their website. Signing up for emails on their website will also get a free ebook on the best camping spots in America.

The very idea behind "roughing it" is about to change forever. Sure, you may still live off the land and brush your teeth with some tree bark (we don't recommend it), but your downtime doesn't have to be met with laying on the ground shifting uncomfortably against the rocks.

At Camp is Easy, they believe in being more than just a name; they're a motto. That's why they've developed the most comfortable, safe, and durable nylon hammock to date. The Camp is Easy Ultralight Nylon Hammock is designed for outdoor people who are looking for a compact and lightweight hammock that offers premium comfort, but can still stand up to the rigors of the great outdoors.

That's why they've used "ripstop fabric technology" to make the strongest parachute hammocks possible without adding extra weight to your pack. And because they also include two high-destiny tree straps to each hammock, as well as a premier compression bag to keep it all nice and tidy, you'll never look at trees the same way again.

Camp is Easy Ultralight Nylon Hammock includes the following features and benefits:
• Lightweight and durable
• Premium ripstop nylon
• Includes special compression bag
• Two free tree straps
• 55" W x 106" L
• Weights 1.7 lbs. (including tree straps)
• It will hold up to 400 pounds!

I ordered mine at Amazon after shopping for a compact, but highly durable hammock that included tree-straps for use when my husband and I go camping. This fit the bill perfectly, and I'm happy it is being offered for such a reasonable price for around $35.00 with free prime shipping. Use the 20% off code for an even bigger discount. Considering the quality, and also that everything is included, it's a great value! To order, go to this link

Monday, December 21, 2015

Ultimate Auto Power Bank, Car Jump Starter & Compressor by Streetwise

I have the "sting ring," which is like a discrete Taser, by Streetwise and love it: Streetwise Sting Ring 18mm Black

Because of my experience with the 'sting ring,' I had high expectations with this product, and I was not disappointed. I really love this kit! I own a dozen portable batteries, which are convenient to have, but I have to keep several in my car, and decided I needed one strong enough to jump start my car in case of emergency. That's how I ended up ordering this "power bank kit." 

This comes in a nice compact case, but seriously covers ALL of my needs. To try to give a better oversight of what's included, I did an informal video review. Take a look; I hope it's helpful to anyone considering buying this set. Considering everything that is included, I think it's reasonably priced and is reliable right out of the box. I'm happy with it.

You can order one for yourself here on Amazon: 

Monday, December 14, 2015

XtremepowerUS 48,000 BTU Premium Floor Standing Propane Outdoor Patio Heater - Bronze Hammered

Love, love, love this heater. I've long wanted a heater like this to use on our outdoor patio, next to our hot tub. The price here on Amazon, currently $119 offered by IDeals, is better than I've found at any of my local stores. Plus, shipping to my front door was fast and free. This is a solid and well made outdoor heater and comes with everything you need, minus the propane tank. It takes a standard 20 pound propane tank, the same kind you would use with your grill.

It arrived with all the parts in a box about 4 feet tall, and weighs less than 20 pounds itself. The instruction manual is well done and written in easy-to-follow English. I say this because I've bought other items where the manuals were clearly written in another language and then poorly translated. The manual that came with this was well thought out, thorough, with great pictures and details. It made assembly much easier.

I like that there are wheels built into the base, so I just put my foot on the bar, pull the unit towards me to till it, and roll it wherever I need. I'm not a large female, but I have no problem moving it even with the 20 lb tank inside.

I shot a video #review because I thought it would be more helpful and informative to others considering this purchase. I HONESTLY LOVE this heater. It's fantastic. Highly recommended #PatioHeater.

To order:

The Best Unique Gift Idea for Lake, River or Ocean Lovers! 3D Custom Wood Lake Art by Lake Art, LLC.

If you need a REALLY unique & thoughtful gift idea for someone in your life, consider 3D Custom Lake Art! I live in NC, and our local lake is one of the largest man-made-lakes in the US. I wanted a custom and personalized piece of art for my family to keep in the lake house, and this was perfect.

I ordered mine from The size I got was 16" x 20", which is perfect. It's large enough to show detail, but not too large to be an eyesore. It was $325, which is pretty reasonable considering the craftsmanship that goes into it. They can do over 4,500 different shorelines and I love that everything is made to order in the USA.

The company is based out of Michigan, but can create any customized wood-etched piece of art you need. They also make clocks, serving trays and other types of lake art. If you want, they can even engrave a little house in your home's location to denote "home." Everything is totally customizable!

I've had a great experience working with this company and highly recommend Lake Art, LLC. I hope you've enjoyed this #review.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Streetwise Sting Ring (Taser) - Unique Gift Idea

I LOVE having this thing with me for protection. On occasion I'll go out and walk our dog alone, and travel for business solo at times. While I've never had a physical altercation and needed this, (and hopefully I never do), I REALLY like feeling I am protected and in greater control. Often, I've walked to the car with my thumb on the car's "alarm" button, or held my keys with the metal part of the key poking out between my fingers (I suppose thinking I could stab someone with my key in self defense.) I know those won't really do much in a surprise attack, but with this thing, I feel protected.

My husband jumped out of his skin when I turned it on and activated it (it's loud when the circuit's not broken - meaning when it's "popping" in the air vs. on an attacker where it would be silent.) Then he jokingly & nervously asked if he should be scared. I chuckled and of course said no, he should be glad I have it. It packs 18 million volts of jarring power! EIGHTEEN MILLION!!!

It's super easy to use and love the size of it. It's bright pink; in hindsight I wish I had the one in black. I feel like it would be more discreet, but maybe the brightness and obviousness of this is a good thing. I wholeheartedly recommend this to any individual (man or woman) who want to be in greater control of their safety. The results are temporary, but in the moment severe enough to an attacker to allow you to get away. Definitely recommended... hopefully I never need to use it on a person though.

I've attached a short video showing how easy it is to use. I hope this reviews is helpful to others contemplating a purchase. Have questions or comments? Please leave a comment under my review and I'll try to respond and help where I can. You can order this at the lowest price on Amazon HERE. #review

Versonel 6-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker (Gift Idea for the Home Cook)

I will start by admitting I am a gadget-lover and am lucky enough to have a husband who is also a fantastic home-cook. I also am a fan of slow-cookers for their convenience. Often, I want to cook something in the slow cooker for its ease & convenience, but don't have 8 or 12 hours to wait. That's where this 6-in-1 Electric Pressure cooker comes in. It actually can work as a slow cooker; there's literally a slow cooker function on it. However, the real beauty of this is it's functionality as a pressure cooker. They also include two spoons and a measuring cup; and the spoons fit into the spoon holder built into the pressure cooker.

For our very first use, we decided to take a stab at making a bone broth - which is great for general use in cooking, and well-documented for its nutritional benefits. Bone broth is a fantastic way to get the most use out of all of your ingredients, and it's a fantastic source of gelatin, collagen, calcium and more! Bone broth is thought to mitigate the effects of less healthful foods (per some nutritionists), and it's described as "bio-available" (which just means it take no effort for the body to break down/digest it in order to get the nutrients). Unfortunately, bone broth requires 8-12 (or more) hours of cooking - UNLESS, you have one of these! More on that in a minute...

For context, it was about 5 days after Thanksgiving and we had some turkey thighs and bones leftover. We simply threw them in (meat, skin and all), added celery stalks, baby carrots, an onion, fresh garlic, a splash of white vinegar, a generous dash of salt, and a sprig of rosemary before covering it with water. Then, we put the lid on by lining up the arrows and twisting it to the left (when facing it). This seals it securely. We plugged it in, and turned on the pressure cooker per the instruction booklet. After a few beeps and notifications by the LED display, we knew it was working. We went and watched a movie and after about two hours, we turned it off to let it cool. When you're cooking mostly liquids in the pressure cooker, it's best to let it naturally cool down some (about 30 minutes) which relieves the naturally occurring pressure. This is important because you risk burning yourself with hot liquid that may come out of the pressure valve.

Right away, my husband and I took a scoop out and tasted it when it was cool enough. Yum! Remember though, we still had all those veggies and bones and pieces of meat in it. So, we used a round metal strainer (it's actually a sifter but we use it as a strainer), and poured the contents through the strainer/sifter into a large pot. We picked at the meat and ate it as a snack right out of the sifter/strainer, and put the pot in the fridge. The next day, we scraped the fat that had coagulated on the surface (we threw it in the trash, don’t put it in the disposal), and now we have bone broth for days! We just make a cup or a bowl, add some extra salt, and sip it. You can also use it with rice (which remember, this device also works as a rice cooker), you can use it in risotto, or anywhere in place of chicken broth. The photos that look like stew are actually photos of our bone broth right after cooking.

We also decided to do a video review of a more traditional dish, which is now live and posted here. Suffice it to say, I love this thing! It's SO user friendly, the instruction manual is great for pros and newbies alike, and it works exceptionally well without any concerns over safety. I ordered mine at Amazon & recommend this as a unique gift idea for any home cook! #Review